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Dragon Quest VIII Mobile released on Apple Store in the West

May 28, 2014

Square Enix has localized the mobile version of Dragon Quest VIII for iOS devices to western audiences.  The game costs $24.99 and is 1.39 GB in size.  The game has not appeared yet on the Google Play store for android devices (outside of Japan), but it will most likely follow suit with the localization.

Update: The game has now also been made available for Android Devices via the Google Play Store

Dragon Quest VIII Mobile Screenshot1
Dragon Quest VIII Mobile Screenshot2
Dragon Quest VIII Mobile Screenshot3
Dragon Quest VIII Mobile Screenshot4
Dragon Quest VIII Mobile Screenshot5

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Square Enix Revises Income Forecasts Due to Strong Sales

May 09, 2014

In what can only be described as an enthralling read, Square Enix announced a revision to their income forecasts for the coming fiscal year, up from 140-150 billion yen ($1.32 billion/$1.47 billion) to 155 billion yen ($1.52 billion).

The reasons cited include strong sales for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornFinal Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster,Thief and Tomb Raider, the latter of which has now found its way onto the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This is all good news for a company that was looking on the ropes at the end of the last fiscal year, although the conspicuous absence of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII from the list of games cited with 'favourable sales' will likely be causing one or two strategy rethinks in the depths of the company.

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Final Fantasy Agito Trailer

April 21, 2014

The Free-2-Play smartphone game Final Fantasy Agito has a new trailer today.

For those who don't remember, Final Fantasy Agito was announced last year as a re-imagining of Type-0 for the PSP.  The game features characters from Type-0, as well as some new ones.  While there has not yet been an official announcement of a release outside of Japan, Hajime Tabata has said that the game would get localized.

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Sony sells all its Square Enix shares for £28m

April 16, 2014

Sony Computer Enertainment has recently announced that they have sold all of their Square Enix shares to SMBC Nikko Securities. The 9,520,000 pile of shares sold for 4.8bn yen which is around £28m. 

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Yoko Shimomura's “memória!” Album Releases Today!

March 26, 2014

Yoko Shimomura released a new album today in Japan and it is called “memória!”. Out of the many tracks available, the more notable one is "OMNIS LACRIMA" from Final Fantasy XV.


Please click on the "Source" link below to see more information on the album and links to buy.

Yoko Shimomura Final Fantasy XV memoria album

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