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Two Latest XV videos now in 1080p

November 14, 2014

You can watch them in full quality now. Need I say more!?

Please click "Read More" to view both videos.

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A New Look at Type-0 HD In English Sort Of

October 31, 2014

Paris Games Week is just a gift that keeps on giving, as we can now see a brand new direct feed look at Type-0 HD, showing off a big chunk of the battle system as well as a number of characters from the game. The text is French, but it's all voiced in English, so let us know what you think of some of those English VAs.

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A New Final Fantasy XV Demo Emerges

October 30, 2014

During a conference at Paris Games Week, a new demo of Final Fantasy XV was shown running on Luminous Studio engine 1.4. 

The demo shows various aspects of the game and some engine tools used to create it. Everything from the day/night cycle, to the AI and facial animation. Take a look below!

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"Enter the Fray" New Type-0 Trailer featuring English voice acting

October 29, 2014

A new Type-0 trailer has been released .  It mostly features cutscenes from the game, however it does contain some real time gameplay.  The narrator explains much of the backstory of the war between the 4 nations, so if you weren't sure what the game was about before, this trailer is a good one to watch.

Remember to mark your calendars for PS4 and Xbox One on 17th March 2015

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Extended Gameplay Demonstration For Type-0 HD and XV Next Thursday

September 25, 2014

You read that correctly! Next Thursday at 20:00 Japan Time, we will get an extended look at Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV. 

Square Enix of America have confirmed that a subtitled version of the talk show will release at a later date.

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