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1st Production Department Premiere Trailer

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Tokyo Game Show 2010 Preview


      The scenes were partially shown in Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation magazines shortly after E3 2010 and this marks the first time we see Versus XIII and its real-time battle footage. The preview starts off with showing pre-rendered footage of Noctis waiting for his car (Jump Festa 2010 footage). It then shows Noctis on a cliff staring around that region near his Kingdom, full of twisted wired poles, when he then decides to jump from it. The trailer shows Noctis in his new Roen outfit. The preview also shows glimpses of Noctis running around the vast wilderness and around the Gas Station. The most important part in the preview shows Noctis running in the streets of Shinjuku, when he finally finds the Military Behemoth. He then starts to battle with the enemy, hacking and slashing away with blood gushing from each strike to demonstrate how life like and dark the game is suppose to be.


Tokyo Game Show 2008~Jump Festa 2009 Technical Demo Footage (Advent Children Complete)

     The trailer starts off similar to how the last trailer did. Noctis is seen battling several soldiers in front of a large building. However, the trailer quickly switches focus to a more story related scene with just Noctis and Stella. There are no voice actors, but a redone version of Somnus is played in the background.

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DKΣ3713 Private Party 2008 Trailer

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2007 Playstation Premiere Trailer

     The trailer opens with a three car motorcade traveling on the lower deck of a double decker highway leading into a metropolis. The Prince is seen within one of the vehicles, emotionless. The trailer then cuts into the scene from last trailer where in the Prince walks outside the building to hundreds of soldiers. Unlike the previous trailer, as the Prince materializes his weapons, he rapidly engages the soldiers by himself using a wide variety of his weapons. As the Prince breaks a soldiers neck he imposes his weapon barrier in front of a dozen advancing soldiers. Their bullets are reflected, thus shooting themselves.

Next the Prince teleports into the air to engage soldiers repelling down the building. As he falls to eliminate one soldier he teleports back into the air to engage more also teleports to where he throws his sword. Before teleporting to the front of the building the Prince impales a repelling soldier as blood virtually bursts from the soldiers back. Rocket Propelled Grenades are fired upon him, but once more the Prince's barrier of weapons keeps the him unscathed. The trailer ends with the Prince practically dismissing the soldiers meager efforts as he returns to his thrown.

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E3 2006 Trailer Announcement

     The trailer opens with a view of a metropolis at night as a full moon hangs over it. Text proclaiming "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ripples into the view. The picture goes black before revealing a dark chamber only lit by the moon light coming through the roof around a central pillar. The Prince is sitting on his thrown with his eyes shut. His eyes open and he leaves his chair with intent.

Thunder and lighting crash as the Prince walks out of a massive gothic skyscraper to find cloaked men dead around him and hundreds of armed soldiers equipped with machine guns, waiting for him. As the Prince takes his first step down the stairs towards the soldiers, they open fire. The Prince however is protected by a barrier of weapons only visible when shot, and finally when he summons them to materialize. The trailer ends as the Prince presents a motor-bound sword in a slash, as his eyes gleam a deep red.

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