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FINAL FANTASY eau du toilette Noctis

Release Date: Summer 2013
Pages: W27mm×D27mm×H159mm
Price: ¥6,800
Product Link: e-Store


Final Fantasy XV + ROEN by Hiromu Takahara
     Square-Enix has teamed up with ROEN to create the costume designs for all the characters in Final Fantasy XV.

Release Date: Dec 17, 2007
Pages: 122
Price: ¥2,625

      Dengeki CLOUD magazine includes a DVD with early Fabula Nova Crystallis concept previews such as Final Fantasy XV demonstration which was shown at PlayStation Premiere. The magazine offers interviews with the developers and also early information about the upcoming title.

CLOUD Message

Release Date: Dec 18, 2008
Pages: 73
Price: ¥1,575

      CLOUD Message does not include a DVD this time around, the spotlights are the developer commentaries and very straight forward interviews about each game on the 
Fabula Nova Crystallis project.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Limited Edition
Release Date: Apr 16, 2009
Price: ¥5,169

      Public footage for 
Fabula Nova Crystallis
games, Final Fantasy XV footage shows to the public realtime footage of the game running on the hardware also there's a nice conversation between Noctis and Stella.
Re: Riplai

Release Date: Dec 13, 2008
Pages: 122
Price: ¥2,625

      Re: Riplai offers both a Premium DVD and a Magazine with over 50 minutes of footage from a range of SQUARE-ENIX games, including Final Fantasy XV footage from the DKΣ3713 event. The magazine offers an overall view about the game and its setting and the main character, Noctis.

drammatica -The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura-

Release Date: Mar 26, 2008
Price: ¥2,675

Yoko Shimomura, known for her great works on the Kingdom Hearts series, and Final Fantasy XV composer releases one album with her best tracks, and it includes a bonus track with one of the game's songs.

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