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Gameplay System

Interactive World


Final Fantasy XV will have a variety of "gimmicks". By "gimmicks" Nomura means things such as the overhead walkway gets destroyed by the Behemoth as Noctis crosses it. If Noctis never crosses the walkway, the Behemoth will not destroy it. Creating these types of gimmicks are tough on the development side of things.

Noctis and Gladiolus getting ready to impale Iron Giant

The city scene where Noctis is fighting the Behemoth is full of destroyable objects such as trees and electricity poles for example. In the 1st Department Premiere trailer, you end up fighting the Behemoth on a three level freeway area where the road has been damaged so you'll need to move around by jumping. The buildings that line the road have some emergency stairwells that can be entered and climbed to get to the roof with Noctis then pulling himself to the very by using the air conditioner. These are just some examples on how interactive the game will be.

Event Scenes


Event Scene

There will be event scenes that the player can control. In the recent trailer, we see a forest in the evening showing a low view point of Noctis running up to Regis Lucis Caelum. The viewpoint is low because it's a flash back from Noctis' youth. This is just one example of an event scene that the player can control.

World Map


Regarding the fields, it's not a completely open world. It's like the 2D FF games but in 3D. Players will find a big world map with vast fields where they will be able to explore as far as the eye can reach except the mountains. Terrain diversity is much more detailed and vast than in Final Fantasy XV. Nomura says that the game will probably have more natural landscapes than Final Fantasy XIII does.

One of the Many Out Door Areas

Battles will take place in real-time environments using all regions of the field, from up high buildings to down low streets. Players will have to fight using the full environment, both directly in front of them and above and below (aka vertical battles). This allows some battles to happen in very intense places.




It’s possible to fly airships over the world just like in older Final Fantasy titles. You'll be able to drive a car, ride mechs, tanks and Chocobos as well.

Day and Night Cycles


Night Time

The day and night cycles and cloud formations are done by physical calculation. It was decided to be made this way to have a smooth change between the cycles and to have a much more dynamic lighting system, which reflects the mood of a certain region/place.

With addition to the day and night cycle, players will find different beasts at different times of day.



Enemies will vary in sizes depending on the location. In the city, the Behemoth was large because of all the tall buildings. If it were small, there wouldn't be much of an impact.



Iron Giant

The monsters wander throughout the field and sometimes-hostile ones will suddenly appear to ambush you. It has been confirmed that a lot of different kind of monsters exist.



The game is basically seamless. There will be seamless battles and no load times too. The only loading the player will experience is between large areas. They are also implementing a type of loading that happens while watching an event scene. This way it’s possible to give players the most immerse experience they have ever had.

Last Modified: June 20, 2013
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