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Dragon Quest X "Kids Time" announced

June 14, 2012

Normal Dragon Quest X users will have to pay a montly subscription fees that cosst ¥1,000 in Japan. On the the other hand, users who are still kids, the game can be played for free only during certain hours: 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday or 1pm to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Square Enix shared this "Kids Time" schedule today. Once the free period time is up, you will be booted out from the game, but don't worry, the game will save your progress.

There will be no specific age restriction for "Kids Time" but please bare in mind that this is meant for the children, not adults. The time for "Kids Time" were finalised basing off surveys conducted at a demo event that was held for DQX in April. Please stay tuned for more Dragon Quest X updates! 

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