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“Many Truths” Will Be Revealed At The End Of Kingdom Hearts 3D

March 17, 2012

Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, has more to say about the game’s story. Speaking with Famitsu magazine, Nomura discusses the game’s key characters and teases what we can look forward to seeing resolved at the end of the game.

“If I had to say who the key persons were, I’d say they are the silver haired boy and Axel,” Nomura shares. “This time at the end of the story, there will be the longest cutscene of the whole series where the true form of Ansem and Xemnas, as well as their goals and many other truths will be revealed all at once.”

Nomura also talks about the game’s new Ability Link and Dream Eater systems.

“At first, I initially wanted to develop another form of the command board from Birth by Sleep,” Nomura reveals. “Then I mixed the growth systems of Re:Coded and 358/2 Days and came up with a new idea that became the Ability Link feature.”

According to Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will take about 35 hours to complete. .

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